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VALORANT Agent: Sova

Sova is a hunter/executioner style agent that relies on knowledge and precision to eliminate enemies. An anti-camper agent at his core.


Shockbolt = Sova aims his crossbow and shoots an arrow that unleashes a damaging pulse upon impact that damages nearby enemies. Holding fire extends the range of the arrow and alt fire allows the arrow to bounce twice. The AOE of the explosion is not very large so it is best to weed out enemies around corners or behind structures.

This ability should be used primarily to attack enemies where you know there position as well as to force them to re-position. The ability to bounce off walls in conjunction with your other abilities can help you climate enemies around corners or around multiple corners more efficiently.

Owl drone = Equips and releases a drone. This drone moves and aims just like your agent would. While in control of the drone, you are a sitting duck so be sure to use this ability in a safe space. Drone is able to fire a dart at an enemy. If an enemy is hit, their location will be revealed for the remainder of the match. Drone can be shot at and destroyed

Use this ability to not only scout but to permanently reveal an enemy if you are able to hit them with the tracking dart. It is also a strong decoy. Your allies can trail your drone and eliminate any enemies that are hit by the drone or if the drone is destroyed.

Recon Bolt = Sova aims his crossbow and shoots an arrow that will pulsate three times over 3 seconds revealing any enemy within its line of sight. Holding fire extends the range of the arrow and alt fire allows the arrow to bounce twice. The AOE of the pulsations is quite large so it can reveal many enemies in a large area but only if the pulse has line of sight.

Use this ability as a brief wallhack ability. Again, it will not reveal enemies that are hidden behind objects that are not in the line of sight of the arrow. Useful to aim for back walls to let pulses spread through a given area. . Keep in mind that this arrow can be destroyed. Getting all pulses out may be difficult to do against skilled players.

Ultimate - Hunter's Fury = Equips 3 wall piercing energy arrow that penetrates and goes through walls. You have limited time to fire the arrows before the ultimate runs out. Will need to fire in quick succession in order to use all 3. Range is very long and can usually cover any straight path throughout a map. There is a bit of a delay for arrow to get to other side of the map

It is a great ability along with recon bolt or drone. Also good to use blindly if your team is rushing into a bombsite and you want to clear out the most common camp spots.


A control player at heart. He does have some offensive capability but his abilities are most important to provide knowledge for your team. None of his abilities obscure vision so against skilled competition, he may be limited unless he has team support. In the right hands, Sova can be a one man assassin.


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