The characters in VALORANT are called agents. Each agent is its own class with four abilities, including one ultimate ability.


Omen is an offensive agent that is designed to daze and confuse enemies on the battlefield.


Sage is the only true support agent. All her skills either provide utility or heal/revive.


Brimstone is an all around offensive agent. He has aggressive abilities and utility abilities making her a perfect front line agent leading the assault.


Cypher is a support/surveillance agent whose sole purpose is to monitor the other team.


Sova is a hunter/executioner style agent that relies on knowledge and precision to eliminate enemies. An anti-camper agent at his core.


Vipers in the wild are all venomous and this agent's abilities are all aimed at poisoning and disabling the opposing team. She is best known for controlling the environment to provide her team the best chance at success. 


In ancient Greece, the Phoenix is known to be a mythical bird born of fire capable of self healing and being born again. This Valorant class shows homage to its Greek predecessor and focuses mainly on using fire and the ability to be reborn to his advantage.


As her name suggests, Jett provides speed and elusiveness to your team. Speeding in and out of battle while obscuring view is her specialty while her ultimate Blade Storm provides some damage potential.