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VALORANT Agent: Brimstone

Brimstone is an all around offensive agent. He has aggressive abilities and utility abilities making her a perfect front line agent leading the assault.


Stim Beacon= Brimstone lobs a beacon that has an AOE effect that increases fire rate, reload rate, weapon swap rate, and recoil spread recovery for your whole team by 10%. This effect lasts 4 seconds after you leave the beacon AOE.

This ability should be placed at a tactical point where you and your team can safely fire without risk of too much retaliation. Another way to use the beacon is before a team fight. The effect lasts 4 seconds after you lave the AOE so use that 4 seconds to your advantage. The buff is only 10 seconds but the extra few bullets you can get out during that time might change the round.

Incindiary = Brimstone takes his grenade launder that creates an AOE field of fire on the ground upon impact. Fairly standard grenade ability. Can bounce of walls to land behind objects and other strategic points. Does not have a timer or fuse.

Ability is used to re-position enemies from a specific location such as a perch or window. Good for both offensive and defensive situations.

Signature Ability: Skysmoke = Brimstone brings out a smoke controller map that calls in orbital deployment smoke screens that obscure vision in a certain area. You are able to launch up to 3 simultaneous smokes. The map is based on your current location so there is a limit to how far out you can place the skysmokes. Once locations are set, confirm to launch. Within a second the areas you selected will be covered in smoke

Fantastic control ability. It will allow you to assault a point on offense to plant the spike under the cover of smoke or it can be used on defense to force the other team to walk through your smokes to get to the point. Very strong ability.

Ultimate - Orbital strike = Brimstone brings out an orbital strike map similar to skysmoke. Use your map to target where you want the strike to be. Once it is confirmed, the location you selected will be hit with a large AOE laser. The closer you are to the center, the more damage you take. There is an animation on the ground and a charge up time for the laser so enemies can get out without taking damage if they are quick to react.

Orbital strike is an excellent ability to use on offence or defense. If you hear a team diffusing a spike, you can use it right on the spike to destroy all agents in that area. If you want to clear a site for your team to rush, you can use that in a specific location just to make sure there are no lingering enemies in that area. It is not an instant kill ability but more of a control ability.


Brimstone is a good front liner and a good utility agent. His abilities are all fairly useful and he can provide support without being in the area. His most useful skill is skysmoke so use that wisely.


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