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VALORANT Agent: Cypher

Cypher is a support/surveillance agent whose sole purpose is to monitor the other team.


Tripwire (Free ability) = Allows Cypher to place 2 trip wires that will act as booby traps. Enemies that trigger the trap are held in place and revealed for a short period of time. If the enemy doesn't destroy the trap immediately, they will also be dazed. Traps can be destroyed and picked up and moved. If you are close to a trap you can see and hear the trap.

This ability should be placed at mid torso level to prevent enemies from ducking under or jumping above. If the enemy team wants to pass, make them either trip the trap or destroy the trap. It is useful to set these traps as quickly as possible. If you realize the enemy team is going elsewhere, pick up the traps and move them to a more useful location.

Cyber Cage = Cypher throws down an activation trap. This creates a cage of smoke that slows enemies that pass through it. This also obscures vision completely. Trap can be set off from anywhere on the map as long as you are looking in its direction. You have max 2 cages. You can hit use button to detonate trap you are looking at or hold activate to detonate all cages.

Ability is used to obscure vision and to slow down enemies. Can be used along with tripwire to slow down enemy rushes or to conceal your own team's movements.

Signature Ability: Spycam = Cyper setups a spycam that can be placed on walls and objects. This camera can be activated and armed which allows you to see through the camera, control its field of view, and shoot a tracking dart. Any enemy hit with a tracking dart will be revealed until they hit the use button to remove the dart. Upon activation, the camera will make a sound and become visible to enemies. Spycam will reset upon picked up or destroyed.

Another great surveillance ability to keep track of enemy teams at strategic areas. Try to place in an area that is hard for the enemy to see for maximum value. In conjunction with all of other Cypher abilities, he is able to monitor the general location of the enemy team.

Ultimate - Neural Theft = Cypher reaches into the mind of a nearby corpse and extracts the exact location of all living enemy team members. This allows for a "wall hack ability". There is an audio cue once this ability is used. The enemy team will know their position is compromised and will likely preposition.

Ability should be used when you want to get an idea of where the enemy team is located. Be careful not to be lured into a trap. The enemy team will be notified once you use this ability and may use that to their advantage. Can be used offensively or defensively.


An agent spy with some ability to obscure vision using cyber cage. Great overall support agent that provides the team with enemy location information. All else being equal, knowing there potential enemies are can easily change the tide of a round.


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