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VALORANT Agent: Jett

As her name suggests, Jett provides speed and elusiveness to your team. Speeding in and out of battle while obscuring view is her specialty while her ultimate Blade Storm provides some damage potential. 


Float (Passive) - While jumping from a high window or structure hold jump key (space bar for most) to float to the ground and avoid any fall damage.  You can shoot when floating and weapons such as the shotgun has a very reasonable spread pattern allowing you to have some slow paced fornite fun at times. 

Cloudburst - Jett will throw out a cloud of fog (eerily looks like Rasengan) that acts as a spherical smoke grenade that completely obscures vision in a set area.  You are able to direct the fog left, right, up, and down allowing you to place it exactly where you want it to go. Lasts 3-4 seconds after impact. You can throw one after another till you run out.

This ability should be used primarily as a smoke grenade.  It is great for both offence and defense and can change the tide of a round if used correctly. 

Updraft - Pure mobility skill that allows you to jump slightly higher.  This ability helps you get on top of boxes and platforms for better positioning or allows you to jump into windows/skip stairs. pairs well with her float passive allowing you to glide down while unleashing damage.  

Ability should be used to position yourself in areas that the enemy won't expect or helps you speed to a general destination faster.  Only 3 agents have upward mobility abilities

Tailwind - Another mobility skill that dashes you any direction for a small distance.  This ability can only be used once but does reset upon frag. Very similar to Tracer's blink ability in Overwatch for those that are familiar with it.  It can be used to go left , right, forward, or backward. Jett is the only ability to advance forward instantly. All other characters such as Omen have cast times.

Great ability to get where you need to go quickly.  If you are able to use it offensively and get a frag, you can get in and out within seconds. Also great if you are sniping and want to preposition after firing.

Ultimate - Bladestorm = Floats 5 throwing knives around you to fire as you please.  Primary fire shoots one dagger instantly while secondary fire shoots all remaining daggers.  Daggers reset upon fragging an opponent. Primary fire is hitscan and will land where you are aiming.  Secondary fire does have a small spread and acts more of a shogun. Damage is moderate for body shots and kill on headshots.

Ability is great to use in conjunction with tailwind for the most skilled assassins. Both abilities reset upon getting a frag so if used correctly, Jett can move in and out quickly while eliminating enemies. 


Jett is considered a duelist and does have kill potential for high skill players but the main advantage she provides is positioning, cover, and speed.  Her speed allows her to take risks that few agents can.


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