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VALORANT Agent: Omen

Omen is an offensive agent that is designed to daze and confuse enemies on the battlefield.


Shrouded Step = Omen channels his hands for about 1.5 seconds and teleports you a short distance. Besides the delay, there is also a slight audio cue. Can be used to teleport across a room or on top of objects for better positioning.

Ability gives Omen some quiet mobility and positioning. It isn't perfect since enemies can still hear you channel the ability. This is NOT an ability to use during a fight since you will be completely vulnerable during the channeling.

Paranoia = Omen shoots a shadow in a straight line. This shadow penetrates walls and will nearsight any enemies it passes through. Enemies won't be able to see more than a few feet in front of them for a period of time. The shadow has range to go through a few rooms.

Useful to use in common camping spots before storming a site/room. Affected enemies will show a cloud in front of their face. As long as you are positioned a distance away, the enemy agent should not be able to see you.

Signature Ability: Dark Cover = Omen fires an ethereal orb that bursts into a shadow sphere in the location you set. How far the orb goes will depend on how long you charge the ability. At full charge you can almost unleash dark cover from one side of the map to the other. This allows you to create cover for your team even if you are very far away.

Great ability overall but the true advantage is the distance you are able to cast this from. Many agents have a vision obscuring ability but very few have one that can be used across the map. There is a delay for the shadow orb to get to the location you set. So if you do send it across the map, it will take a few seconds.

Ultimate - From the shadows = Omen brings up a map where he can choose and select where to teleport to. While arriving, Omen will appear as a ghost that enemies can kill which will cancel the teleportation. There is an audio cue when this ability is used and the map in the top left corner disorientates a bit so all agents are aware that Omen just teleported to another location on the map

A very strong ability but you must only teleport to a location that is deemed as safe. Not only can enemy agents shoot your ghost before you materialize, they could actually just wait for you to appear before taking you out.


Besides Jett, Omen has the best mobility abilities in the game. They are hard to execute at times and if you don't use your abilities correctly, you will probably die. Utilize your dark cover to help teammates that are farther away and jump in and out of battle to make your enemies paranoid of your current location.


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