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VALORANT Agent: Phoenix

In ancient Greece, the Phoenix is known to be a mythical bird born of fire capable of self healing and being born again.  This Valorant class shows homage to its Greek predecessor and focuses mainly on using fire and the ability to be reborn to his advantage. 


Blaze = Phoenix lays out a flame wall that blocks vision and causes anyone that passes through it to suffer damage. Much like his Curveball ability, you can bend the wall left and right .  It will damage enemies as well as allies. Allies do get reduced damage. However, it will heal you when you are standing on the flame. Both teams can shoot through Blaze.

Ability should be used to split up potential enemies, get rid of angles for enemies to attach, and also to create a diversion.

Hot Hands = This is a fireball that explodes on impact and creates a small AOE that damages enemies and heals yourself.  It can be bounced off walls as well as map the map ceiling which can allow you to have interesting fireball placements. Think of this as a Napalm ability. 

Ability should be used to control areas behind structures you can't see and for damage in general.  Keep in mind it does damage to teammates as well so place them carefully. 

Curveball = Much like the blaze ability, curveball allows you to throw a flashbang that curves around corners to temporarily blind an enemy. This is extremely useful and in my opinion, the most OP ability for Phoenix.  If you are able to determine an enemy is around the corner, you are able to quickly use curveball to blind them for a free kill

Ultimate - Run it back = This ability pinpoints your current location.  If you die or the duration expires, you will be reborn at the marked location with full health.  

This ability allows you not only to scout but to try to take out as many opponents are you can during the duration.  It is important to cast this in a location that is useful to either the objective/team. You don't want to be reborn far away from your team or objective.  You also don't want to be reborn where potential enemies might be.


Phoenix is good for aggressive players that want some crowd control with an ultimate mulligan ability.  As a CS styled game, Valorant will be best played as a group but Phoenix is a character that might have some viability as a lone wolf if played correctly.


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