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VALORANT Agent: Sage

Sage is the only true support agent. All her skills either provide utility or heal/revive.


Barrier orb = Sage summons a large solid wall. You can rotate the wall and determine how far you want the wall to be. Wall lasts around 30 seconds and takes over one clip to destroy.

This OP ability is a game changer. Very useful to wall off a choke point or to block an enemy team from advancing. It can also tank a considerable amount of damage before being destroyed and can be placed at awkward angles to your benefit. Agents such as Jett or Omen can get around or on top of the barrier. It can also be used to help you or your team get onto higher platforms you weren't able to reach previously.

Slow Orb = Sage throws a projectile that has the trajectory of a grenade that expands upon impact into an AOE that slows and places shades of glass like on the floor. Any enemy or ally that steps in the area will be slowed and their movements will be obvious due to the audio cues.

Useful to deploy against rushing enemies from a certain direction or when protecting a spike. Sounds that agents make when walking on the orb is quite loud so you will know when a threat is nearby.

Signature Ability: Healing orb = Sage uses an orb to heal a damaged ally or self heal. Primary fire will heal an ally while secondary fire will self heal. The healing is over time but fairly quick. The cooldown for this ability is 35 seconds so it is possible to use this ability multiple times in the same round.

Ability is self explanatory...heal your ally or heal yourself with a 35 second cooldown.

Ultimate - Resurrection = Targets a friendly corpse within 3-4 steps away and resurrect them with full health. There is a short delay so be sure only to use this under cover or from a safe area.

Extremely useful ability to bring back a fellow agent that has died during the round. Must be used carefully as you are a sitting duck as you are using this ability.


Sage offers your team an utility/healer agent. A must have for any party and one of the better back line support agents.


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