HELP! I was put in the wrong region!



I was lucky enough to get an invite to the VALORANT closed beta, but after playing through the training map and my first game, my ping was averaging in the 200s. 

I asked the people I was playing with where they were from, lo and behold, they were all in Brazil. I also noticed that my payment options were in the wrong currency. There seems to be a moderately common issue of being put into the wrong region. I am located in the Central U.S. I immediately looked into changing my region in VALORANT, but could not find the option anywhere.

Good news/bad news there. The good news is, that it can be changed. The bad news: it can only be changed by Riot through a support ticket. Based on Twitter and Reddit reports, it could take a little while for Riot to respond to support tickets.

First, check out what region your account is bound to at To update this, you must create a support ticket with Riot. Submit a request with Riot here

While you are waiting for Riot to make the change, you can queue with a party in your region and play on local servers that way. Having trouble finding your friends from a different region? Try to download and install League of Legends and make friends through the LoL client.

UPDATE. You may be able to change your region without contacting support. Check out this Riot Games link, Changing Your Region of Resident for your Riot Account.
May 6

 May 6

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 May 9






i got responded to my support request on next day asking if i am sure and my progress will be reset i said yes and now still waiting

May 6


I submitted my support request at 10PM local time last night and got a standard response confirming my ticket, but no support update yet.

Looks like a response will take longer than normal due to a high volume of requests, sit tight and one of our specialists will answer you as soon as they can. Try not to bump your ticket unless you have additional information that we could use to help you since bumping your ticket repeatedly will increase your wait time. Please keep in mind that submitting multiple tickets for the same issue will not get your request answered more quickly. Thank you for your patience.

I will keep you posted.

May 6


First update: today, almost exactly 14 hours later, I received an automated update. They again stressed high volume requests and to expect delayed responses. Everything else was pretty straight forward, they want me to confirm I want to change my region and that I understand that my account progress will be reset.

Here is what that response looks like:

My name is [removed], and I'll be here to give you assist you with your request. Please note that at this point in time we are experiencing an extremely large volume of incoming tickets. As a result, this first message is automated. Rest assured, however, that the next response you receive will be from a human reading and responding to your request.

Additionally, we would like to be transparent and say that the next response you receive will be delayed as a result of our incoming volume. We appreciate your patience as we diligently work on resolving each player issue that as come in as quickly and effectively as we can.

It sounds like your account’s region may be assigned incorrectly. We can definitely help resolve that issue, but there’s a couple things you should know first.

We can only change your shard if you’re currently living in that area. For example:

  • If your shard is currently set to Europe but you live in Canada or the USA, and you need to move to the North American shard, we can fix that for you.
  • If you live in France and you need to move to the European shard, we can fix that too.
  • If your region is Europe and you live in Europe but you’re trying to move to the North American shard, we will not be able to change your shard.

Keep in mind that these rules are only in place for the Closed Beta and may change in the future.

If we change your region for VALORANT, you will lose ALL progress so far that you’ve gained in the Closed Beta. This means all Agents and Contracts you have unlocked will reset EXCEPT VALORANT Points (e.g. purchases with real money). Before we can make this change, you need to let us know that you are okay with that change.

Finally, I would like to mention that we also have the option of transferring you to the correct shard for Legends of Runeterra. If you are interested in this as well, please respond back to this message to let us know. Please note that, unlike a VALORANT shard transfer, your content will NOT be removed when you transfer your LoR region.

If this doesn’t apply to you, please reply back and we will make sure your ticket is routed to the correct team. Thanks again for your patience!

May 6



I was given a support link that detected my region and was able to update it through their website. The website said it would take about an hour to transfer my account, but ended up taking less than two. Here is that support reply:

Can you do me a favor and go to the following website to try to transfer your account to the correct VALORANT shard?:

If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll go ahead and put this ticket back into our support queue so a Support Agent can speak with you as soon as they receive your ticket. Please note that you will NOT lose your place in line if this option does not work for you, and we need to put you back into the support queue

In the end, it took less than 3 days (62 hours) to get this fully resolved. Hurray!

May 9

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